Where we do it ...

Domestic & Home

Poor internet access in the house? WiFi only works in the office? Can't watch a movie online?

We can help by installing a highspeed broadband connection and building a home network so that you get WiFi everywhere.

Once that's done, you can listen to your Sonos system in the bathroom or watch films in the kitchen while the kids play on their consoles in the games room.

We can also install and configure CCTV systems so that you can see what's going on at home even if you're away.

Holiday Cottages

Do you have a holiday cottage and want to provide broadband or WiFi internet access to your guests?

We can specify and install a high-speed broadband connection and recommend and install a CCTV system.

If you're renovating we can tell your electrician what cables to install and where they will be needed to make life easier when you do come to install broadband or CCTV.


Lambing time? Barn full of equipment?

We can install high quality cameras that enable you to check up on livestock in lambing or cow sheds, keep an eye on the machine store and monitor gates and access roads via your phone,tablet or PC.


Want to monitor your stables, training school or paddocks?

We can install a comprehensive CCTV system with remote viewing (via a smart phone or web browser) so you can always check in on what's happening in the stables, keep an eye on riders working in the school or just watch the horses play in the paddocks.

Commercial & Business

Need help with your IT systems?

We can specify, configure and install a wide variety of office software packages for you. We can also help you set up backups, get a better broadband connection and even enable you to access your systems remotely.