What we do ...

Networks, WiFi & Broadband


We have a number of solutions for high-speed rural broadband and can often improve your broadband speed and connectivity. We can also install a solution to balance higher cost, higher speed broadband against lower cost, lower speed connections to improve performance while managing costs.

See here for more information on our 4G broadband offers


We can specify, install and configure a network for you. This can give you internet connectivity in remote buildings or locations, enabling you to install cameras, movement sensors or just answer the phone while away from your home.

Home networks can be installed to take advantage of the latest internet connected TV's and other devices (including games consoles, fridges and music systems).


We can extend your broadband internet connection around the property with WiFi. We'll work out exactly where you need WiFi endpoints and how to get the best coverage for your specific needs.


Digital Cameras

We supply and install high quality digital CCTV camera systems that can be viewed securely from anywhere over the internet.

Office IT Solutions

Office Networks

We can install local area (LAN) and wide area (WAN) networks and specialise in providing network access in rural locations using line of sight or long range WiFi solutions. We may also be able to help you make use of a rural broadband sharing scheme to give you better (or some) broadband connectivity.

Office Software

We can recommend and install a number of different office solutions tailored (or should that be Taylored?) to your requirements.

Servers, Backups and Disaster Recovery

We can install and configure office servers and PC's for you. We can also advise and setup appropriate backup and disaster recovery processes to ensure that should the worst happen you will be able to get back up and running in the shortest amount of time.

Support Services

We offer support and advice to individual users and companies ranging from troubleshooting common problems to advising on and installing PC upgrades. We have a fully manned helpdesk and can provide a bespoke service to match your specific support & helpdesk requirements.

Home Automation

From remotely controlled lighting and heating systems to automatic gates, we have experience in a wide range of home automatic technologies and products.

Video Distribution

We offer a number of different video distribution solutions from enabling you to watch a movie on any TV in the house to watching multiple cameras in multiple locations.