Other things we do ...

Application Support

PC & Application Support

We offer support and advice to individual users and companies ranging from troubleshooting common problems to advising on and installing PC upgrades.

Legacy Application Support

Have an application that's no longer supported by the vendor? Talk to us about providing long term maintenance support.

Bespoke Hardware

Design and Manufacturing

We design bespoke hardware from the design of simple control boards to the development and manufacture of complex micro-controllers and can take existing hardware and integrate it into complex control systems. Some of the solutions we've delivered include:

  • Handheld programmer units
  • Sound Master controllers
  • Touch screen systems
  • Coin interfaces
  • Remote (Ethernet) Mouse

  • Software Development

    Enterprise Application Development

    We have significant development experience and offer Java and .NET development services. This can be used in conjunction with our offshore partners for a cost-effective solution to your development needs.

    Mobile Application Development

    We've recently started developing mobile applications for some of our customers and can deliver solutions on all the major mobile platforms today.