4G Broadband


We're delighted to announce that we're now an EE Approved Stockist and are now able to provide static 4G broadband systems for office and home use. Our 4G broadband solutions can deliver download speeds of up to 40Mb/s and using high gain aerials we're able to get a signal in places your phone can't!

EE Approved Stockist

As it's using the EE network, coverage is national and you are safe in the knowledge that the service is backed by the UKs leading 4G provider.

We also able to provide temporary 4G internet access for events or sites where satellite, wireless or BT internet access is not possible or is very slow.

4G Broadband

Installation and Configuration

We provide a complete service and can deliver your entire 4G broadband system including:

  • identifying the best location for an aerial (if needed)
  • providing all the hardware, cabling and wiring required
  • installing and configuring the hardware
  • extending WiFi coverage across your house or office
  • configuring PCs, laptops, tablets and phones to access the internet

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is 4G Broadband?

    4G Broadband is a way of connecting to the Internet using the EE 4G mobile network instead of a telephone line. This provides a cost effective and highspeed alternative to fixed line connections. 4G is also often available when highspeed internet access isn't available via the phone lines.

    How do I get it?

    If you are in an area covered by 4G we will come to your location and carry out a survey to confirm that you really can get a signal and what the likely connection speed will be. Using our specialised assessment kit we will carry an internal and external survey of your property and run through the options available and provide the information you need to make a choice you’re happy with.

    How do I know if I’m in an area that can receive 4G?

    By using your postcode we can determine if your address is able to receive the 4G signal. Our static aerials are often able to access a signal even if your phone can't. 4G coverage has been greatly increased over the last 12-18 months and more areas are being covered every day.

    Who would the ongoing contract be with?

    The supply and installation of the equipment is carried out by Taylored Technology and the ongoing monthly running costs will be with EE. We can explain the available data packages and tariffs when we come and carry out the survey, and advice on a solution tailored for your specific requirements.

    Where can I access ongoing support?

    The hardware is supplied and supported by Taylored Technology. For issues with the 4G network you can contact EE or you can use Taylored Technology as a point of contact to escalate an issue.

    Is it possible just to use a MIFI device?

    A MIFI device is a possibility but they are generally designed as a mobile solution. The advantage of using our system is that the installation is static and therefore is set up for the best reception and speed.

    Can I plug in a smart TV?

    Yes, the modem we supply has the capacity of running both a wired or WIFI network around your property and so you can connect a smart TV, games console or other internet connected device.

    Will WiFi cover my whole property?

    The built-in WiFI module in the modem we supply will cover a reasonable area but depending on the type of building, construction method and size you may require additional equipment to provide the required coverage.

    What does it look like?

    Here are some pictures of the external aerial we install. Please visit our Facebook page for pictures of installations that we've completed recently.

    4G aerial
    4G aerial
    4G aerial